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Account Services

We offer convenient services that are helpful and beneficial to our committed customers.

Debit Cards

Your TFB Debit Card

Tecumseh Federal Bank Visa Debit Card can be used anywhere Visa is accepted and allows you to make purchases and withdraw cash. The transactions are debited directly from your checking account so that you have the purchasing power of a check, yet have the convenience of a credit card. The date, amount, and description of your debit card transaction will be on your monthly account statement.

EMV/Chip Technology

Tecumseh Federal Bank debit cards include the EMV chip technology which provides an enhanced level of security when being used at chip-reading terminals. Each point-of-sale transaction is much more secure as it generates a one-time code to authenticate the transaction to further prevent any potential fraudulent activity.

ATM Usage

Use your Tecumseh Federal Bank debit card at our ATM (which is located in our bank’s drive thru) to withdraw cash, transfer funds between accounts, or check account balances. There are no charges to use TFB debit cards at our ATM; it is free of charge for our customers. However, there may be surcharge fees when using a TFB debit card at the ATMs of other banks.

Travel Information

Let us know if you will be traveling to another state or country. We have controls in our system to further protect you from fraud and do not want them to be an inconvenience to you while you are traveling. Please notify us to let us know your departure and return dates.

To report a lost or stolen Debit Card, please call TFB at 402-335-3384, or 1-800-554-8969 for after hour assistance.

Check Reorder

Is it time to reorder checks? Please contact us and our Customer Service Representatives are happy to place your check order for you.


Night Depository

TFB provides a depository service for our customers to deposit money at any time, either day or night. You may drop off your deposit in the secure drop-box which is located in our bank’s drive thru. It is checked several times throughout each business day to ensure that our customer’s deposits are completed in a timely manner.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Need a safe and secure fire proof storage for your important papers and documents? We offer our customers safe deposit boxes that can be rented with an annual fee of $10.00. The annual fee is due at the end of February each year. If the rental fee is paid after March 1st, then it is a $15.00 rental fee. Visit Tecumseh Federal Bank to open up a safe deposit box account today.

*Availability may vary.


If you have any questions or need any further information, please contact us to take advantage of these convenient services that we offer to our loyal customers.


Are you ready to switch?

Our Switch kit is a step-by-step checklist to help make the transition over to TFB quick and simple. If you have questions or would prefer for us to walk through the process with you, just stop by our bank and we will be happy to help. Thank you for choosing Tecumseh Federal Bank!

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