Tecumseh Insurance Center - Company Profile

Your “More-Than-One-Company” Agency

TIC has the advantage of offering you products from “More-Than-One-Company”. You can compare companies, coverages, and costs all at once. You may be able to save premium dollars by combining policies with one agency and taking advantage of company discounts.

The Tecumseh Insurance Center, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Tecumseh Federal Bank, has adopted the following Mission Statement:

  1. Cultivate a diversified customer base of individuals, families, and small and mid-sized business located in the state of Nebraska;
  2. Provide a diversified line of high quality insurance products and services for customers;
  3. Create and maintain a pleasant and positive environment for customers, as well as employees;
  4. Maximize the return on stockholder equity.

Currently, we can research these companies to find the perfect fit for you:

Berkshire Hathaway
Big M Agency
Blue Cross Blue Shield – Nebraska
CNA Surety Bonds
Employers Mutual
Farmers Mutual
Farmers Mutual Hail
German Mutual
Grinnell Mutual
Rain and Hail
United Security Life & Health

This is just a highlight of the many companies and services our agents can provide for you. And, as always, we serve as your direct contact to your insurance company.

(Special Note:  Insurance policies are not deposits nor guaranteed by any bank. They do not carry FDIC insurance.)

Contact us at 402-335-4123 or 1-800-659-5557


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